Jumping on the CDT in ~ 1 Week

Hi all,

It’s been a hot-minute since any of you have received trail updates from me.  No worries, that is all going to change shortly!

What’s the sitch:

  • I’m leaving Saturday, June 11th and will be taking Amtrak to Glacier National Park — arriving Monday morning, June 13th.
  • I’m going to hitchhike up to tag the border on Chief Mountain Highway, where I then begin my hike South bound (SOBO)
  • It’ll be 1,400 to 1,500 miles before I hit my foot path where I left off last year, giving me a continuous footpath from Mexico to Canada across the Continental Divide Trail

Expectations for readers at home:

  • There’s gonna be snow and bears.  
  • My pack weight is going to be unfortunately miserable until I get out of the Bob Marshall Wilderness.  Between bear deterrents and snow gear, stuff is weighty (haven’t had this much weight in my pack since 2014)
  • It’s going to be slow-going the first week or two
  • I’ll send GPS updates when I’m stopped for camping.  
  • Expect emails occasionally
  • Pop-tarts will once again be a core part of my diet ;p

Emergency Contact Information:

  • All relevant information, including expected schedule for resupplies, and emergency contact information can be found in the footer of the email.
  • My GPS is largely off except for check-ins (so I will only see emergency messages, if there are any, once every 24 hours)

With love and trail excitement,


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