Most of my conversations, that aren’t about climate policy, tend to be about my two adorably fluffy cats.

Cat Stevens is a gloriously regal fluff-monster. He has the sweetest disposition, is very polite, and makes terrific music!

In February 2020, Cat Stevens was diagnosed with the Dry-form of FIP. This was considered to be a terminal illness. As of 2019, however, research from UC Davis showed strong efficacy for curing FIP when treating them with an antiviral compound — GS-441524. Study results suggested that ~90% of cats that completed the treatment process were cured.

We successfully treated Cat Stevens using Black Market GS from China. To better understand the different brands available from China, I conducted my own analytical chemistry analysis. I have also created a website to help monitor and log injections, with the hope that we can build up enough clinical data to improve treatment recommendations and outcomes.

Cat Stevens is the most handsome of cats!

Persimmony Snicket, on the other hand, is a bundle of pure cuteness. She’s a delightful orphan that loves attention and play. Also mischief

An adorable floof
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