I’m Off Trail

Hi all,

It’s been a few days with no check-ins.

I’m currently in Denver, and am not jumping back on trail this season. This marks the end of my thru-hike and turns it into a LASH (long-ass section hike).

After a hard couple days of hiking, I got to Grand Lake.  It was around this point that it became exceedingly difficult to eat food without feeling nauseated.  My caloric intake could not be maintained, and I lost 6-8 lbs in just a few days, and decided it prudent to jump off trail at mile 1391 rather than to continue to push ahead hoping my food consumption issue would resolve itself.

I have spent the past few days in Boulder eating bland foods and seeing if my GI tract would fully recover.  I think I’m still a couple weeks out from full recovery, and may have picked something up from the trail.  Without being able to take in calories at the level I need for hiking, my hike cannot continue.

A doctor prescribed some anti-nausea medication, and I’ll check back in a few days and get some follow-up analysis.

I’ll be back in Sacramento this weekend.

I’m certainly bummed I can’t finish the trail this season, but the trail and community will be there for a long time.

Thanks for sticking with me on this journey!  

May your own adventures be lovely,


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