Updates from the Trail – Oregon, please?

The legendary magic of Oregon is almost upon me! While it’s taken over 2 months to get through most of California, I think I should be able to get through Oregon in around 2 weeks.  What a reasonably sized state!

  • I had a fantastically magical 4th of July with the Owls
  • I’m almost out of California — we’ll see if the Oregon fire cooperates!
  • I’ve probably gained magic powers from the mt. shasta spring water

Other details:

The fantastic Owls drove up to visit me in Shasta for July 4th. As per my SPOT ok messages, they brought produce galore!  I had 5 of the most wonderful meals I’ve ever eaten, and ate gallons of fruit and veggies!  During my zero on the 4th of July, me and the Owls drove out to the lemurian (wiki it) spring at the base of Shasta and feasted on the most pure and delightful of spring waters. Given the small hike in, my zero had 1.6 miles of walking. 🙁

Brigitte came out to meetup with me in Etna (3 days later) which meant I had a couple of big hiking days out of Shasta.  I was greeted with trail magic and fun times!

It might sometimes take a long walk in the woods to remind you how trully important amazing friends are!

With love and non-trail nourishments,

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