Updates from the Trail – Halfway There

Hello all,

It’s been a while, and cell service has been intermittent and random.

  • I had my first trail bear in Lassen.  This is not to be confused with a trail beer — I’ve had dozens of those.
  • a bird tried to kill me by dropping a branch close to my head
  • I’m passed the halfway point on the trail
  • I played in the Hotspring and ate dinner at Drakesbad.  It’s a fancy resort that served steak and everyone’s favorite vegetarian dinner entree… Risotto 

Other updates:

For the past several days I’ve been hiking on and off with Heaven.  Heaven is an apocalyptomist (he’s optimistic that when a human-driven apocalypse occurs things will turn out for the better), and was previously an environmental philosopher before turning ultra-runner.  We have fun conversations about trails, climate change, and pre-civilization. When asking Heaven (who’s from New Jersey) what he thought of California so far:

“It’s very big and diverse.  Probably the sort of state that should be broken into three.”

Heaven (PCT Hiker)

It was really only when I hit the midpoint of the trail that it dawned on me just how long this trail is. It’s like… 400 pop-tarts long. That’s way too much sugar! 

I’ve only been out here around 6 weeks, and I can’t help but wonder how a person’s dental hygiene and health can be maintained when they spend 5 or 6 months on the trail.  Trail food really is the diabetes starter pack! How do we give this stuff to children? Really?!  I might only be 53% done with the trail, but I’m probably 80% done with trail food! Huzzah!

With love and happiness that I’ve eaten at towns the past 3 days,

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