The Zone of Death

Hello lovelies,

short updates

* I’ll be back in Wyoming in 2 days

* I’m in West Yellowstone

* There’s so many NoBos!!

long updates

There’s not too much to update on.  I’ve been cruising some long, big days meandering back and forth between Idaho and Montana.  I just got into West Yellowstone, which means Wyoming is near!  I’ve been catching up on calories for the past few hours and doing laundry.  Yay!

There’s a ton of hikers on trail now.  I’ve passed by most of the SoBos, and have started running into a lot of NoBos.  They’re mostly lovely people, and it’s been nice catching up with the regular hiker banter.  I ran into a hiker in Lima that had just hit the half way point of this REALLY COOL hike; they’re walking the entire border of Idaho (The Idaho Boundary Trail).  

Meanwhile, my hiking has been overall pretty good — nice trail, good scenery, lots of topography.  In 1.5 days I’ll be going through the northern boundary of the Yellowstone Zone of Death (  I’ll send a check-in when I’m there 🙂

Then in a few days I’ll be out of Yellowstone and on the cusp of the Wind River Range.  Which means: my footpath is getting close to being complete!

With love and adventure,


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