Supervising Soggy Socks

Hello lovelies,short updates

* My feet haven’t been dry in some days

* “The Bob” seems a little overrated to me, although the “Chinese Wall” is an awesome feature

* I’m at my old boss’s house is great falls Montana

Longer Updates

I had a bit of an annoying permitting process with Glacier when trying to re-hike the section of trail that I previously had to road walk around.  After much annoying back and forth, I finally decided to do the section as a day hike (38 miles) to avoid the extra days of waiting for the back country permit.  The section was lovely, and I managed to get a hitch at 9:00 PM back to east glacier (somehow!!) so all worked well!

The past 4 days in the Bob Marshall Wilderness left me wondering why the area is so hyped (Meghan??!).  It’s typically hyped for absolute splendor, or for being a rugged wilderness experience.  I went into it expecting completely treacherous river crossings with impossibly impassable tree blow downs and stunningly epic views.  Instead, I found damp hiking with no views, mild river crossing, and a few annoying blow downs.  My feet remained wet and soggy the whole time.  By the end of the third day and 100 miles in, the dense vegetation finally opened up and gave me an absolutely stunning view of the Wall.  5/5 stars.

I traversed along the wall for 6 or so miles, camped at the top of a pass (the only dry place I found), and then headed out of the wilderness destined for Augusta to resupply.

My former boss from CARB (now retired) lives in Great Falls (about 50 miles from Augusta), and he swung down to meet up with me.  While consuming calories and beer, he offered to host me at his place for the night, and take me to a baseball game before driving me back up to trail in the morning.  Who could refuse?

The game is lovely, and things are great!  I’ll be in Helena in some days time.  People do not talk about the sections to come very favorably, but I think my feet may remain mostly dry?!

With love and finally dry feet,


The Chinese Wall in the Bob Marshall Wilderness
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