Sea to Summit Head Net

The Sea to Summit Head Net is one of the finest pieces of gear you can buy. I bought mine from REI in Bend, Oregon. Why in Bend? I stopped there for a resupply on the Pacific Crest Trail. And holy fuck I needed this head net. I really, really needed it.

The finest piece of gear that money can buy
A Russian Babushka, clearly trying to avoid mosquito bites.
“Babushka”, by Irina Gaiduk (

For the Oregon section of the PCT, I quickly learned the most important thing about hiking in Oregon: bugs are miserable.

Prior to buying the head net, my approach had been to hike with my Helium II rain jacket on with the hood up. For further resistance, I tied my bandana around my head. When doing this, I looked vaguely like a Russian Babushka. These attempts to prevent mosquitos from biting my neck and face did not work well.

Solace from Mosquito Hell

I found solace from mosquito hell when I purchased the head net. I tried to get a head net at various resorts in Oregon along the PCT. However, the first PCT location in Oregon at the time that had not already sold out of head nets was REI in Bend. Like night and day, my hike became tolerable. This was especially the case when my tent started failing, and mosquitos were able to worm their way into my tent to bite me while I slept.

For less than 1 oz (if you don’t take the mini stuff sack), the Sea to Summit head net successfully prevents mosquitos from eating you. The head net is roomy enough to allow you to eat your cold soaked meal at camp, and is stylish enough to maintain a hiker trash reputation. I find that keeping my baseball cap on under the head net creates an even better distance between me and the mosquitos!

If you think it’s worth shaving an oz off of your pack weight by leaving your head net at home, you’re wrong. Don’t be a fool, just take the head net!

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