Updates from the Trail – The Lesser Sierra

Welcome to the lesser Sierra. For your convenience, we’ve turned the trail into a stream!  The Pacific Crest Stream is a beautiful stream that winds through dense trees, up and around hills with no view, and sometimes into the center of lakes.  Don’t be too startled by the sudden and unexpected breathtakingly beautiful vistas; we’ll try to keep those to a minimum. Advisory notice: you must poop at least 100 feet from any water source.  Ha ha ha! Good luck!

  • I left the good Sierra at Tuolumne and headed into the lesser Sierra
  • I passed some important mile stones today (1000 of them)
  • Map Girl greeted me at Sonora pass with snacks and a car good for abducting some french folks
  • My feet were dry for precisely 1 hour from the point of leaving Tuolumne with my new shoes. They have been wet since.

Other stuff: Oh man it’s been a wet section!  The talus and snow has been replaced with very wet alpine meadows and a density of mosquitos that one could do without.  I need to buy some DEET.  Lots and lots of DEET. My feet have never been more wet, but in the words of John Muir, “you don’t need to wakeup feeling warm if you have a good hill to climb!”

I’ll be walking through Truckee sometime Friday morning (probably around 9AM out of Donner pass road unless I end up slower than expected). I’m going to hitch to soda springs (or if someone wants to give me a ride) to resupply @ the soda springs store and eat at the Summit restaurant.  Let me know if you want to join!

If you want to backpack with me, this is the time to do it! Let me know in the next 18 hours and I can try to coordinate.  I’ll probably be doing under 20 miles out of Truckee for Friday, so come join in!

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